Cotton slippers

                                                                                                                     Cotton slippers
Cotton slippers as a household necessity, loved by the public. How should you choose a pair of desirable, high-quality cotton slippers? Now answer for you.
First, smell: good cotton slippers, there will be no pungent smell, there is no pungent fragrance.
Second, view: good cotton slippers, fabric color, embroidery patterns beautiful three-dimensional sense of strong, plump lines. The inner fabric of the slippers is good.
Three, weigh in hand: the cotton slipper with good quality, did not cut corners, choose material gram weight to want a lot of taller relatively, fill sponge thickness is bigger, natural meeting is heavier than the shoe with bad quality.
4. Folding: cotton slippers of good quality will not appear white bad marks when folded by hand. They belong to authentic rubber raw materials. Not easy to break, good flexibility. If folded over, the folding part of the sole immediately began to whiten, after the original state, folding place discoloration, deformation. This kind of circumstance is sole bad performance. Most of the raw materials used in inferior cotton shoe soles are garbage crushed powder, and then bleached to add essence. This kind of cotton slippers after 2 cleaning the life of the basic end, the weather is too cold will be directly weathered into broken.
Five, anti-skid performance test: there is to buy shoes with the sole of the ground rub a rub, see astringent is not astringent, astringent anti-skid effect is good.
If the cotton slippers on the market don’t like it, we can also make a pair of slippers by ourselves.

Their slippers are really beautiful, strong and very warm oh, the following introduction of this kind of cotton slippers.
1. First prepare a pair of suitable slipper soles (general small commodity market sale, very cheap), then use card paper to accurately copy the sole, and cut 2 pieces according to the pattern (one is to see the face, need to consider the color, the fabric should be the best elastic, the other is the bottom, can use waste cloth, but thicker), In addition, it is necessary to cut a piece of fine cotton (not too thick) or thin sponge of the same size, and a piece of hard cloth in a small circle of 1.5cm or with cloth lining ironing the base cloth.
2. The vamp, cotton, hard lining, bottom cloth stacked, and then fixed around the edge of a week (0.5cm), while sewing to put some broken cotton to the middle, so step up the foot feeling better, but must be in accordance with the law of the foot plug evenly can, otherwise would rather not plug.
3. The next to do the vamp, vamp paper pattern I finally re-use software painting, (note: vamp lazy good way is to cut down the old slipper face iron, and then copy to the paper, but pay attention to the side of the suture to release 1CM). With the vamp pattern, it is necessary to cut a face (color matching), an inner piece (slightly thin, soft, preferably knitted fabric), and a fine cotton (or a thin sponge), plus a layer of hard lining (can be replaced by a hard cloth such as canvas), so that the vamp is more shaped, not soft collapse.
4. Place the vamp, cotton, hard lining and lining in a good alignment, and fix a circle around it (preferably sewing 0.5cm). The trick to this step is to make sure that the lining is over and the face is over the bottom seam, otherwise the lining will be uneven.
5. To be in a section of the shoe round head wrinkle, so that the shoe head is obviously circular arc arch, but do not appear obvious tucks as well, this sisters to begin to carefully experience oh. At the same time, roll the edge of the shoe. This step is to sew the finished upper onto the finished sole. The key point is: make 3 counterpoint suture points, first, the center point of the toe to the center point of the sole; Two, the left end point of the vamp is aligned with the left starting point of the sole, and three, the right end point of the vamp is aligned with the right end point of the sole. Then sew in turn, when sewing to the vamp round head wrinkle, special attention should be paid to the round head vamp shrink seam to the sole, but there can be no obvious wrinkles.
6. Roll the sole and vamp together once, stitching the first edge on the front of the shoe; For the second suture, it is best to sew by hand. Pull the piping strip tightly and fix it on the opposite side of the sole:
A. Fix the well-rolled shoes to the ready-made foam sole, first place the cloth bottom of the slippers on the foam sole, evenly select 3 to 4 points for counterstitching, and fix and sew these points first;
B. Suture one week in turn; The stitching method is to use a back needle, but the needle distance can be larger, so that it is faster;
C, the suture position is on the edge of the edge of the seam or directly sewn on the edge of the edge, but the stitch is uniform to look good, the line should choose not eye-catching, very set of coarse polyester or nylon line;
D, this step needs a lot of strength, the tools should be full, the needle should be larger, but not the biggest one in the box, the middle finger should be a hard thimble, the index finger should be a plastic fingercover, so that the suture is much easier;
E, and the foam sole is best to buy the kind of soft, it is best to have a groove at the bottom, so that the stitch directly sewed into the groove, it is easier to master, if there is no groove, then ask the sole seller how to deal with, will teach you.

Post time: Nov-10-2021