cotton slipper hides thousand of bacteria unexpectedly!

Winter is so cold, many people will wear cotton slippers, because cotton slippers can keep warm, but wear cotton slippers also depends on how you wear , if you put on cotton slippers as soon as you get home, or you take a shower immediately after wearing cotton slippers, so, your cotton slippers may be covered with bacteria. Have you noticed that your cotton slippers stink? Make your feet stink when they don’t stink? Because, our feet sweat, oil, dander is easy to become a hotbed of bacteria, a study found that a pair of cotton slippers as much as 800,000 bacteria, mold, these bacteria cause many people suffer from athlete’s foot, and even all kinds of inflammation. The cotton slippers we wear had better be washed once a month and lost a pair in winter.

First, how to wear cotton slippers to health, at least not smelly feet.

Many cotton slippers because of quality problems, and everyone has a habit of not used to clean cotton slippers, so, after producing bacteria, can let a cotton slippers have peculiar smell, if not temperamental predominance to wash, warm, dark, wet shoes become bacteria like hiding place, long-term wearing can lead to foot odor, foot diseases occur, and at home, spread rapidly in the world.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean cotton slippers regularly, after cleaning, but also in the sun, so that the ultraviolet ray in the sun sterilization disinfection. A pair of cotton slippers is enough for one winter, never save them for the next year.

Second, how to wash cotton slippers clean

When it comes to washing cotton slippers, it is really a headache, because it is not easy, cotton slippers are so thick, hand washing tired ah, machine washing and afraid of not clean, but dirty washing machine, and it is possible that the washing machine damaged cotton slippers.

Cleaning cotton slippers method 1,

Warm water hand wash or machine wash, if warm water, put cotton slippers into warm water, pour laundry detergent, soak for 30 minutes, brush hard with a brush, especially cotton slippers can not be seen inside the place, good brush.

Cleaning cotton slippers method 2,

First use clear water to wash off the gray layer of the surface of cotton slippers, add the right amount of detergent with warm water, soak the shoes for 30 minutes, and then squeeze a little hard, especially dirty place can be washed with a shoe brush, and then clean with water.

Precautions for cotton washing slippers:

After thorough cleaning, be sure to take cotton slippers to the sun, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can kill germs.

Post time: Nov-22-2021