How to choose good cotton slippers

How to choose good cotton slippers

Winter to prepare a pair of warm and comfortable cotton slippers is very necessary, that should be how to choose? Here’s your advice.

Cotton slippers what brand is good? Want to find a pair of their own cotton slippers, must start from the following aspects.

First, look at the material.

Since it is cotton slippers, of course, the material should be very careful, not only requires high thermal performance, but also requires dirty, maintain a certain degree of cleanliness, but also requires durability, do not wear two days on the broken.

Second, look at the work.

A pair of good cotton slippers, the requirements of the work is also we have to pay attention to, if you see cotton slippers sewing crooked, a glance does not give a good impression, so, I advise you to give it up.

Third, look at the color. 

Besides the practical value of cotton slippers, there are beautiful requirements. Everyone likes graphics and colors are not the same, only to pick their favorite cotton slippers, we will be elated. These three points, it is a good answer to what brand of cotton slippers good this question.


The bottom of cotton slippers can be divided into TPR bottom, EVA bottom, point plastic cloth bottom, cloth bottom and PVC.

A, TPR outsole

TPR bottom is the most common bottom, the process is divided into TPR soft bottom, TPR hard bottom, TPR side seam bottom. There are a lot of common rubber bottom, tendon bottom, blow molding bottom, sticky bottom can be classified as this kind. The advantage of TPR bottom is soft and waterproof, with a certain wear resistance.

Second, the EVA outsole

The advantage of EVA bottom is firm and light, easy to clean, comfortable and breathable, soft, colorful.

Three, point plastic cloth outsole

Point plastic cloth bottom many people feel inconvenient, feel not waterproof, but this bottom skid resistance is very good, because its silent effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals.

Four, cloth 

There are many kinds of cloths, suede, canvas, and mop down. Cloth slippers apply to wood floor, soft and comfortable.

Five, PVC outsole

PVC is in EVA bottom outsourcing a layer of leather synthesis of a process. The bottom of the shoe is mostly made of this material. With point plastic cloth bottom, EVA bottom, cloth bottom, PVC bottom is also mostly used in Japan and South Korea slippers.

Cotton slippers are made of a variety of fabrics. The most common is coral velvet, plush, short plush, suede, and colored fabric, velvet, velvet, velvet, cotton, terry cloth, Korean velvet, cotton, leather and so on. On design, besides traditional “one foot pedals” outside, appeared again now complete bag follows, half bag follows, complete bag follows short help, complete bag follows tall help to wait for new design.

Eiderdown cotton slippers are a kind of newly popular cotton slippers in recent years. These slippers are especially suitable for the elderly and southern consumers because of the waterproof and thermal properties of the down fabric and the high top design. The elderly need to keep their ankles warm, and the all-inclusive high-top down cotton mop not only achieves the soft and light use effect, but also well protects the ankles of the elderly. And in the winter without heating in the south, the temperature of the home compared with the north, or a trace of cool. This kind of slippers can not only be used as cotton slippers at home, but also can be worn in outdoor activities around the community due to its good appearance design and thermal performance.

Post time: Nov-10-2021