Double Buckle Adjustable Pillow Slippers

Adjustable Double Buckle

With the design of double buckle adjustment, you can adjust the width of the shoes at will. The unique appearance of the combination of double buckle and thick sole makes you different from others.

Thick Sole: 1.67 inch”

1.67 inch” thick sole, the design of the thick sole makes the sole soft and comfortable, making you as comfortable as stepping on bread, so that you will not feel tired when walking for a long time.

Lightweight & Comfortable

This shoe is made of light EVA material, so it makes you feel very comfortable and light when wearing it.

Soft & Durable

The whole shoe is made of EVA material, which makes the shoe have good softness, and this material also makes the shoe very durable and will not be easily worn out.

Anti Slip & Waterproof

The bottom of the shoe adopts a unique “drain hole” design, so that you are not afraid of water accumulation, and the non-slip sole ensures the safety of walking.

Fashionable & Leisure

Suitable for Many Occasions: Indoor or outdoor, anywhere you want

Post time: Apr-13-2023