Anti-static slippers

Our common slippers have two kinds of textile cotton and plastic, will have static electricity in the process of production and use, but many industries can not have static electricity when entering the dust-free workshop production work, the most effective way is to wear antistatic slippers with conductive rods.

Anti-static shoes can inhibit the dust generated by walking in the clean room, and reduce or eliminate the electrostatic hazard. Anti-static shoes are often used in electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, integrated circuits and other micro-electronic industry production workshop, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, electronic factory clean workshop, laboratory and so on.

Static electricity is easy to cause great loss to electronic products, ordinary clothing friction will generate static electricity, human body friction with chemical fiber clothing or contact with plastic products will generate static electricity, these static electricity need to find a discharge channel, grounding metal is the best discharge channel, so electronic factories should wear anti-static clothing, In this way, static electricity can be imported to the floor through the metal wire on the antistatic clothing. Then, a conductive channel is formed between the antistatic floor and the ground in the assembly workshop of an electronic factory, so that static electricity is released.

The purpose of esd shoes and esd clothes is to reduce the accumulation of static electricity and let the static electricity of the human body into the ground. If the staff sitting in front of the workbench operation, anti-static clothing can be better protection, but there is a lot of time is not in front of the workbench, need to move, if there is no anti-static shoes, will produce a lot of static electricity.

If there is no anti-static measures, static electricity will pass through the human hand to the components, those with the carrier movement as the characteristic of the electric connection of the components by electrostatic interference, the internal carrier arrangement is likely to change, which will directly affect the product quality, and even make the product performance decline and function loss. Antistatic shoes have weak electrical conductivity, so they can lead the static electricity accumulated on the human body into the ground through the antistatic shoes.

Post time: Oct-28-2021